Short Film "Wildflower"

Universal Immigrant Story About Love and Loss


WILDFLOWER is a short film about a young immigrant singer who moves to the other side of the world to pursue her dream and in the end discovers what true sacrifice is.

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Valev is one of the very unique experts in New York. I've had a chance to know him for almost four years now, and after following his professional career, I decided to work with him on my short film production mainly because of his holistic understanding of design, marketing, and production. He has been an essential part in the production of short film "Wildflower" as well as an unreplaceable asset in refining my personal brand. We're currently collaborating on an upcoming Broadway musical "Kalevala the Musical" which has been a breeze thanks to his understanding of web-oriented design, marketing, and PR. Thank you for your dedication and detail-oriented work!

Kristi Roosmaa
Producer of Short Film "Wildflower"

New York

1740 Broadway, 15th fl, New York, NY 10019