Janet Gordon Style

Style, Substance, and Purpose


Client: Janet Gordon Style

Focus: Online Brand Presentation in the United States, Creative Consultation, Web Design, Online Brand Consultation, eCommerce Design & Development

Luxury handbag and accessories label for women of style, substance, and purpose. The brand’s aesthetic is fueled by designer and founder Janet Gordon’s passion for the art, music, and fashion icons of the 1960’s and 1970’s. As a former costume designer and New York City wardrobe stylist, Janet understands how designers pay homage to those from the past to create for the future. As Coco Chanel so eloquently quipped, "Those with no memory, insist on their originality”. However, the brand’s intent is to not just emulate it, but to redefine it.


Web Design & Development: The VL Studios

Brand Consultation: Valev Laube

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As a designer, I have a clear vision of my brand’s aesthetic, so I assumed it would be easy to convey it to a website developer. Unfortunately, it was not. After three failed attempts with different teams, I was no closer to creating my dream website. Then I met Val of The VL Studios. He listened, he innovated, and then he listened again. Val accomplished in three weeks what other companies could not in five months! Thank you, Val. Those late nights and early morning tweaks paid off! I look forward to continuing our relationship as we find ways to bring what’s in my mind for my brand’s aesthetic to life visually; E-commerce, Facebook, Instagram, business cards, ads, and more. Thank you for understanding the passion behind my work as a new American luxury brand and the importance of capturing it with style, substance, and purpose.

Janet Gordon
Founder of Janet Gordon Style

New York

1740 Broadway, 15th fl, New York, NY 10019