May 10, 2019
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Valev Laube: Younger Audiences Expect to Engage with Personalized Digital Brands

The VL Studios

aube's unique vision and skill has changed hundreds of firms & personal brands forever. The Estonian-born Valev Laube is back in New York City aiming higher than ever before. After years of training and experience across the world, he has returned to NYC as the creative director of The VL Studios with a portfolio of experiences that allow him to help firms around the world use modern marketing and branding methods to increase recognition and brand loyalty.

"Marketing experts have seen an increasing trend in influencer marketing, which to me communicates only one thing: people care about other people. They're looking to be inspired by faces they can relate to. The time of looking up to big corporate brands is mostly over. Folks are looking for inspiration from other places. Young people value personal communication and genuineness," Laube said. "Too many companies are marketing to Millennials the same way that they marketed to previous generations. This is not a sustainable model and will lead to the closure of more and more businesses, unless they move their marketing into the 21st Century and Web 2.0."

As the creative director of The VL Studios, Laube’s initiative and core values are represented across the board. He brings his problem-solving skills to the corporate marketing and branding arena. The primary problem that companies of all types have is that they haven't figured out how to integrate newer technologies and methods of interaction into their marketing and branding efforts. Most haven't learned to use visual aesthetics to build and improve their customer relations. Valev Laube helps them make that much easier. More information about his extensive experience of over five years in the industry is available at

Using his skills as a digital designer and marketing technology expert, as well as a public relations expert, Laube will bring new qualities to a freshly launched company and new outlook on the design and marketing field. His helped hundreds throughout the years, strategizing and developing modern brand aesthetics, and optimized content delivery for businesses that currently don't have a dynamic digital presence.

Many older businesses don't see a need to create a modern, digital face, whether it's a great website or a robust social media presence. That might work for a little while, but the new generations expect it. This is true whether your business is B2B or B2C. Dynamic brand representation helps everyone engage and stay up-to-date with companies that deliver inspiring products or services

Valev Laube is the go-to consultant for scores of companies and agencies that are growing their digital presence and building bulletproof brand images.

About Valev Laube

Born in Estonia, but educated in Italy and the United States, Laube has lived in multiple countries across Europe and is currently based in the US. He has established himself as a rising star in marketing and branding. His skills as a designer, a website architect, and a musician allow him to create a holistic brand experience for his clients that even huge marketing firms can't match. His international background helps him understand and relate to a variety of audiences. Today, he is based in New York City and works with clients throughout the Tri-State area and the world.