Valev Laube: Younger Audiences Expect to Engage with Personalized Digital Brands

Laube's unique vision and skill has changed hundreds of firms & personal brands forever. The Estonian-born Valev Laube is back in New York City aiming higher than ever before. After years of training and experience across the world, he has returned to NYC as the creative director of The VL Studios with a portfolio of experiences that allow him to help firms around the world use modern marketing and branding methods to increase recognition and brand loyalty.
May 10, 2019

Valev Laube, a highly-skilled and visionary creative director, has returned to New York City with a wealth of experience that has transformed the fortunes of numerous firms and personal brands. He now serves as the creative director of The VL Studios, bringing a portfolio of expertise that enables him to assist companies worldwide in utilizing modern marketing and branding techniques to boost recognition and brand loyalty.

"The trend towards influencer marketing in recent years is a clear indication that individuals are drawn to relatable faces and are seeking inspiration from sources other than large corporate brands," states Laube. "Younger generations value authenticity and personal communication, and it is no longer sufficient for companies to market to them using outdated methods and strategies. This approach is unsustainable and will lead to the downfall of many businesses unless they modernize their marketing efforts and embrace Web 2.0."

As the creative director of The VL Studios, Laube's leadership and core values are evident throughout the organization. He brings his problem-solving abilities to the corporate marketing and branding sphere, helping companies to seamlessly integrate newer technologies and methods of interaction into their marketing and branding efforts. Many firms struggle to utilize visual aesthetics to enhance customer relations, a challenge that Laube effectively addresses.

Laube's expertise as a digital designer, marketing technology specialist, and public relations expert enable him to bring a fresh perspective to the design and marketing field. He has a proven track record of success, having helped hundreds of businesses to develop modern brand aesthetics and optimize content delivery for firms lacking a dynamic digital presence.

It is increasingly important for companies, whether B2B or B2C, to establish a modern, digital identity through a strong website and robust social media presence. Younger generations expect this level of engagement and it is essential for businesses to stay current and relevant. A dynamic brand representation is crucial in fostering engagement and building trust with consumers.

Valev Laube is the go-to consultant for a growing number of companies and agencies looking to expand their digital presence and establish solid brand images. To learn more about his extensive experience in the industry, visit his website at

About Valev Laube

Valev Laube is a renowned New York-based entrepreneur, producer, and creative visionary whose exceptional designs and marketing campaigns have been instrumental in elevating the success of numerous productions, company brands, advertising campaigns, and personal brands on a global scale. Over the past five years, Mr. Laube has had the distinguished honor of collaborating with some of the most reputable names in the industry, including Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, among many others.As the driving force behind The VL Studios, Mr. Laube currently oversees a diverse portfolio of over 20 companies and productions, including the critically acclaimed Singing Revolution: The Musical, Kalevala the Musical, Helen Yarmak, New York's Best Musicians/Washington's Best, Viking Beauty Secrets, InProximity Theatre Company, Marquee Brand Builders, and many others.His exceptional contributions to the industry have been acknowledged on a national level, as he was nominated for Forbes' Under 30 list in the United States in 2020, solidifying his position as a leading figure in the field.

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