May 9, 2019
Focus Areas

New York Company Brings Holistic Approach to Company Branding

Valev Laube

he VL Studios is a New York-based creative design and marketing boutique focused on online brand building in the digital landscape, from design and production, to brand marketing. Named after one of the co-founder’s initials, the creative company brings together a team of professionals with a background in the arts, entertainment, consulting, computer science, and data science. The agency’s primary focus is to provide superior creative services to professionals from various fields in order to exchange ideas, learn, and create brands that speak to the desired audience.

One of the unique focus areas is the company’s holistic approach to company branding. Holistic branding is a visionary practice bringing together market research, communications, and visual design. It’s about building experience through visual language and consumer-focused brand strategizing. From brand design, to brand delivery, and further acceleration, this approach brings together creative design, technology, data science, and marketing in order to achieve a holistic and successfully executed delivery to the customer. Depending on the client’s goals we tailor our package offerings to meet their needs and according to their business objectives.

Our process for successful branding campaign:

  • Online consulting, through which we will learn about client goals, expectations and business model. It’s important to see branding and marketing mainly as an opportunity to improve the way a company communicates with its customers and the quality of the experience they provide. Our consulting and brainstorming session allows us to learn more about your business in order to come up with a plan for further brand development.
  • Content design brainstorming and production process which covers our client's graphic design, web design, and social media content needs.
  • Technical delivery includes content optimization and campaign adjustments to provide best user experience and first brand exposure no matter which device or platform is used. We live in a world where more and more people use various technological devices providing us new opportunities to create meaningful and adaptive brand experience, from tech wearable to augmented reality platforms.
  • Unification of brand experiences is one of the worst pitfalls that makes many companies lose control over the consistency and harmony of consumer experience. In the age of various social media platforms, traditional media, and new technologically advanced devices it is hard to keep track of every experience that goes out from a single brand especially when departments don't maintain transparent and efficient communication. We try to make sure to not only launch a series of new content or a whole new brand, but also make sure that there are no minor details left out of sight from previous pitfalls.
  • Brand acceleration is the final and most exciting step in the brand building process. While a brand, a new platform, or product might be launched it is important to keep using data to further customize and test out certain elements with your direct audience. Once the data is there solid groundwork in place it doesn't only become easier and more efficient for a company to boost their sales, and visibility, but is will also become cheaper. With the right content, initial testing, and organic traffic built up, it becomes cheaper to further boos your audience with much more cost effective ads and boosted content. Get the ball rolling before you give it an extra kick.

I hope this give you a little bit of an idea into what we've been working on and let's keep this conversation going. What are your strategies for effective brand building and marketing?