New Company Is Helping Men Be Their Best Selves

New York-based company The Warrior cOre, announces the launch of Authentic Masculinity workshops, programs and retreats.
February 2, 2020

Founded by men’s coach and international speaker Amy Bliss, The Warrior cOre offerings bring awareness to and strip away the conditioning from family, society, and religion on what a man is “supposed to be.”

While acknowledging that men as a whole enjoy more privilege and opportunity, they have, like women, been subjected to great deal of conditioning from a very young age. This conditioning prevents men from being their best selves and living completely fulfilled lives.

Amy Bliss

The Warrior cOre offers facilitated workshops, small group intensives, weekend-long programs, and 3-5 day retreats. Here men come together in community to first strip away this conditioning, then each to determines his own definition of masculinity, what kind of man he wants to be and finally learning how to live from this place, all in a safe environment.

What type of conditioning do men experience? The easiest example is this: at some point between the ages of 3-6, the vast majority of boys are told or learn that it is not OK to cry. If a boy’s parents were enlightened enough to not instill this in him, he quickly figured it out once he gets to school. All it takes is one boy in tears with everyone pointing and laughing for him to figure out that “boys don’t cry.” However, crying is not a “girl thing.” It is a human thing. It is a natural response to certain stimuli. It is cathartic, a form of release and a natural part of the stress cycle.

Why is this important? Crying, along with all the other emotions and responses that men are not “supposed to” feel or experience, exist for a reason. By suppressing them, at best it leaves men unable to experience life and relationships to their fullest, at worst can be extremely detrimental to their physical, mental and emotional health.

Why would a man seek work on Masculinity? There are many reasons. He may struggle with society’s definition of masculinity – it may feel like an ill-fitting suit. Or he may see the pervasiveness of toxic masculinity, want to be part of the solution and have no idea where to start. He may want more connection and intimacy in his relationship. Maybe he has seen the transformation of a partner, friend, sister, mother, daughter who has participated in a Female Empowerment workshop and be thinking “I want that, too!” Or maybe he simply wants to be able to provide a better response to the question “How are you feeling?” than “OK.”

“After leaving my 20+ year corporate career, I spent a good deal of time studying Female Empowerment. Reading everything I could, taking courses and workshops and ultimately teaching and presenting on the topic,” explains Amy Bliss, Founder of The Warrior cOre. “During this time, there was always this nagging question in my mind of ‘Where is this for men??’ Hearing this question echoed by a man during a men’s session of a female empowerment course, I knew I found my purpose. Men need this work, too. If women learn how and are allowed to live their best lives from their authentic selves and men aren’t, that isn’t going to work for anyone or society as a whole.”

Amy Bliss, JD, MBA, Certified Coach, is a New York-based coach and speaker that has helped men all over the world become their best selves through coaching programs on intimacy, purpose, confidence, and leadership. While The Warrior cOre courses are primarily offered in NYC, she continues to offer coaching to men, regardless of location.

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

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