Jun 12, 2019
Focus Areas

Estonia's Gateway to The US

The VL Studios

he VL Studios is a New York-based digital design and marketing boutique focused on online brand building in the digital landscape, from branding, design to brand acceleration, and marketing. With a team of experts, many of which originated from Estonia, we're excited to announce a new area of focus elevating Estonian personal and company brands and assisting them entering the US market. Our team's collective decade-long experience has paved the way for many companies and projects today to be cherished. Through various team members' work, we've seen an exponential increase in awareness, curiosity, and appreciation for innovative Estonian cultural & entrepreneurial import to the United States.

As a new company with a fresh outlook, we look forward to starting new partnerships to bridge the challenges that creatives and entrepreneurs face when looking to expand to one of the world's biggest markets. Our team of design experts and marketing specialists are here to help you out.

Valev Laube
Team of Estonian Professionals

Valev Laube - An Estonian-born creative director with years of experience in multimedia productions, design, and marketing, is here to help you with branding and market delivery of artistic productions, company brands, and personals brands. His innovative branding strategies have been the cornerstone of multiple New York-based theater productions, advertising campaigns, developing and established companies, and personal brands. Laube has worked with clients across Europe and North America - an impressive client list includes companies like Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden, Coffee Bean & Tea Lead, Janet Gordon Style, Almazan Law, and many others. He was the creative director of the Estonian Cultural Days in New York 2016-2018, the signature visual designer of EstDocs Documentary Film Festival 2018 in Toronto, Canada, and has produced numerous creative performances including the multidisciplinary performance "Tonality of Culture" at the National Gallery of Art, in Washington DC.

Kristi Roosmaa

Kristi Roosmaa - Estonian-born actress, singer, producer, holds a law degree from Tartu University Institute of Law, a diploma in performing arts from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, and a dance certificate from the Broadway Dance Center. She has performed at numerous venues as a soloist, including the world renowned Carnegie Hall. Kristi has received a letter of recognition from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for serving as co-organizer of the Arvo Pärt concert series in the United States and a letter of recognition from the Ministry of Culture for her contributions as a Cultural Affairs Coordinator in New York.

Community To Support Your Initiative

It's our mission to help companies, and individuals succeed in introducing their ideas and put them in contact with the right group of individuals. We provide consulting, design, and online marketing services to projects associated with promotion of Estonian innovative and creative culture across the United States. As part of our collective effort, we cannot wait to continue building connections and excitement among Estonians, and friends of Estonia in the United States.

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