Award-Winning Independent Film Wildflower, Starring Kristi Roosmaa makes World Premiere

Wildflower, an independent short film, tells the story of a young immigrant singer who moves to a new country to chase her dreams, the sacrifices she had to make and what it is like for immigrants in current-day America.
January 31, 2020

Wildflower, starring award-winning immigrant actress Kristi Roosmaa and under the seasoned direction of Tony-nominated producer Celine Rosenthal will make its world premiere March 12th - March 15th at the FirstGlance Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Wildflower is a short film that tells the fascinating story of an immigrant singer who travels to America to pursue her life-long dream. This independent film arrives at a time where our country is having active conversations about immigrants, how they are treated, and the value they provide to our country. This story tells a story of universal love and reminds us that things that unite us are far greater than things that divide us.

Kristi Roosmaa in Wildflower | Photo by Eleri Ever

Leading actress Kristi Roosmaa is based in New York but was born in Estonia. She began singing at the age of 5 when she first performed in a local bakery and became hooked on the thrill of performing and entertaining an audience. Her career path took her to New York City and high profile performances such as singing solo at Carnegie Hall and performing with Residente feat. Bad Bunny on the Jimmy Fallon show. She now looks to build on an already impressive career by starring in a film that mirrors her own journey in many ways.

The movie has already received significant praise ahead of its much-anticipated world premiere at the FirstGlance Film Festival in March. Most recently, Kristi took home a Top Shorts Film Festival Best Actress award for her role. “Kristi's performance is very natural, and we loved the minimalistic reactions and the character's attitude. It was easy to relate to Anna. The viewer could feel her conflict and her pain, not being with her grandmother. It was a big sacrifice for her. Well done!” exclaimed the Top Shorts committee when questioned about Roosmaa’s performance.

Photo by Samantha Blinn

In addition to contributing to the national conversation on immigration, this film shines a spotlight on female contributions in the film industry with its all-female creative team. This trailblazing team led by Tony-nominated director Celine Rosenthal includes Artemis Women In Action Film Festival Screenplay winner Susan Cameron, cinematographer Charlotte Dupre, and award-winning director and producer Natalie Schwan who recently won Best Short at One-Reeler Short Film Competition.

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Photo by Samantha Blinn

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