Australia's Loss is All of Our Loss

A New York-based certified organic Nordic skincare brand Viking Beauty Secrets launched a campaign donating 25% of the proceeds to an Australian Wildfire Rescue
January 30, 2020

Disasters such as wildfires in Australia remind us how interconnected we are as people, and as part of the global community. Businesses, governments, and individuals from around the world step up to assist the victims of floods, fires, hurricanes, and other disasters wherever they occur.

This is why Viking Beauty Secrets, a New York-based certified organic Nordic skincare brand, launched a campaign donating 25% of the sales to an Australian nonprofit wildlife preservation organization WIRES Wildlife Rescue. Ecologists at Sydney University have estimated over 800 million animals have been affected in NSW and over 1 billion animals in Australia since September. Viking Beauty Secrets is glad to support an important cause with historical importance.

In the wake of climate change and “no animal cruelty”, “sustainability” has become the keyword among the new skincare brands around the world. And no place is more sustainable and eco-friendly than Northern Europe, where Viking Beauty Secrets sources their ancient Viking ingredients.

It is a region that stands ahead in using sustainable energy, as well as gender equality and no animal cruelty. Viking Beauty Secrets is a small brand, however, it hopes that their action will awaken the big players of the beauty industry.

“As a no animal cruelty brand, we care about the animals and our environment, so we are eager to help,” said the founder of Viking Beauty Secrets, Eha Urbsalu. In the words of Urbsalu, the company aspires to live by the mission to be kind to people around us and the world that we live in. Every order from Viking Beauty Secrets will increase the overall contribution.

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